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We are so excited to launch the Hella Bus Campaign for 2015!

Hella Bus is our end of year giving campaign to top off the Bus’s tank, close out our financial year strong, and head into 2016 with the wind at our backs. With Hella Bus in full swing, we are turning young people out to vote, and getting a head start on all the great work that we’ve got planned for next year: a massive young voter registration campaign, an always bigger, badder, and better Fellowship, and young Bus leaders making a huge impact in a critical election year.

In 2016, the Bus has an opportunity to change the game. In what will be one of the busiest and most important political cycles in years, we have the opportunity to increase our generation’s impact across the board. Massive voter registration program? You got it. Putting young people of color into the center of the electoral discussion? Check. The best parties in the Evergreen State. DUH. This is an exciting time at the Washington Bus, and you’re helping make it happen! Help us toward our goal of raising $30,000 by giving a one time gift that’s personally meaningful to you or by joining our friend with benefits monthly membership family. Check it out here!

Thank you for fueling the Bus!

Fuel the Bus

How can you make a difference?

You can either give a one time gift of an amount that is most significant to you or through our Friends with Benefits program. Your gift today can change the game and help build a more sustainable Washington Bus. Click here to learn how.

What do you get in return?

Other than endless love and hugs from the Bus family, you will be able to enjoy a special VIP entry and extra tickets to play games to win more prizes at FestiBus! Are you giving from a different state other than Washington? Don’t worry we will send you a surprise gift if you invest in us during Hella Bus!



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Hella Leaders!

This year has seen a lot of Bus firsts!

In Spring of 2015, we worked with four other youth organizations in Seattle to survey over 80 young people in our programs about what issues young people would prioritize when electing city council candidates.  From those responses we developed an issue platform of four issues; Policy Accountability, Climate Justice, Youth Employment, and Housing Accessibility, as a tool to engage in real conversations with young people on issues that matter most. Within two months the Bus Fellows collected over 2,887 Pledge-to-Vote cards from young people across Seattle, pledging to vote in the Seattle City Elections and stating what issues they would prioritize when electing candidates.

This year, we did more intentional outreach and community building targeted in South Seattle. Also, we hosted the first ever Youth Agenda Open Mic in District 2 in partnership with a local business to talk about the four issues that we found young people care about the most!

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One Time Gift

Help us top off our tank by giving a one time gift that is most significant to you!

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Join us on Thursday, December 10th from 6-9PM at the Melrose Market Studios for a very Bus celebration. We will raise a toast to the people who make our work possible! From volunteers, interns, fellows, board members, and our awesome donors – this night is for you! FestiBus is free for all ages, and open to the public! A suggested donation of $20 (or whatever level is personally meaningful to you) is encouraged. Your gift will help us head strongly into 2016. We very much appreciate your support.

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Get On The Bus

There are plenty of ways to get on the Bus, even onto our actual, real-life, physical bus (Yeah, it’s not just a metaphor!). We’ve also got Get Out the Vote phonebanks every election season (that’s right now!) and an opportunity to meet our bus driver TJ as we take a bus trip out to knock on doors and remind people to turn in their ballots! Wanna spend your fall cozying up with Vote Bot? Email our Engagement Coordinator, Sonny Nguyen, to reserve your spot on our VIP list.

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The bus you were born to ride on. get on board.


The Washington Bus makes politics engaging, effective and fun. The Bus puts young Washingtonians in the driver’s seat and gives them the tools to be organizers, legislators and leaders.


The Bus seeks a state where civic and political engagement is the cultural norm, not the exception, for all Washingtonians.

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